I seem to have broken my desktop configuration

I was messing around with Latte trying to get the menu bar to appear on my second monitor and I have messed it up. I do not know how to get it back to how it looked originally:

I want it to go back to what it was when I first installed the Dragonized version. It seems there are multiple weird panels all over the place and I can't get rid of them.

Open garuda assistant then click on apply new config
And reboot


I don't see that option in Garuda Assistant. All I see are a bunch of check boxes

You can also roll your system back using a timeshift snapshot at the grub boot menu if you can't figure out how to reverse changes you've made.

From the sounds of things I'd be investigating a comprehensive Linux backup solution to protect your system and data from something serious you mess up before a meltdown occurs.

Timeshift snapshots are handy, but they only go back so far, and timeshift is not infallible. Get protected with a full backup system, because it sounds like you'll need it.

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Alright, I figured it out. I was able to apply the new config and then it brought back the Latte dock and other items. However, it still appeared slightly broken and I had to remove a few panels. What's weird is that under "Manage Layouts" it said that the Garuda layout was broken and I should remove it or something.

i think you should use timeshift snapshot to restore your previous settings as @tbg mention above, instead of applying new config

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Yep. I definitely did something wrong. Now when I load up GRUB I now see two different options for Garuda linux to launch instead of one. I don't have any data on this OS anyways and I have Windows installed on this machine as well on a different drive, so I think I will just redo the entire installation from scratch tomorrow, erasing the disk and all the partitions.

To reset all Latte settings delete


Latte will re-create them, using default settings.