I request: Unban from Discord server

Hello good, excuse me, I introduce myself, I am the user Osvarcha identified as the discord user with ID: osvarcha#7007.

On February 24th I suffered a hack to my gmail and discord account
around 07:00 hrs Lima-Peru, a friend of mine sent me a message
saying that he was spamming links, some groups for their
bots and his rules banned me and one of them was this server. I am asking for the Unban of the servers where access was banned, I promise to take care of my digital credentials to avoid this. I was very lucky that it just didn't expand to more.

Postscript: Excuse me, I didn't know whether to send an email to your email, I consider the forum to be more active and somewhat less formal than an email.

Attached evidence:

  • From suspicious logins.

Done, you can join again.


Wow, I know you, you are eduardo and I have seen your videos of blackarchs, SecurityHackLabs.

Saludos y gracias por los hacks, por ti conoci nspawn


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