I read a book--once

OK maybe I've seen a couple more. But I've been using a BFH (big freakin hammer) on Ubuntu since Hardy and figgered on using an even bigger one on this here shiny object. I haven't installed it yet and will be doing extensive reading before I do, however I might pipe up from time to time to ask some idiotic question. This post is simply a foolish attempt to curry some sort of favour and possibly mitigate any punishment for being idiotic.

I'll state for the record that I'm not terribly concerned if/when I blow up my windows partition. Nothing on it really and in a way it would prove most cathartic. The 20.04 partitions are my main squeeze. For now...

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It's always great fun blowing things up, that's the best way to learn. With timeshift snapshots at the grub boot menu it's usually a pretty easy fix anyways.

Generally, though if you prefer to manage your machine with the wrecking ball method we prefer you pick up the pieces yourself. The Arch Wiki is the best aid for this. Most questions you encounter can usually be answered there.

Welcome to Garuda.


Topic header changed by local grammar nazi white supremacist. :wink:


The spelling was deliberate! Just doing my best to sound all folksy 'nstuff... But I do not seek to upset the local vocabulators, so so be it. It must be noted that I am wont to engage in such childish antics. (Not that being a child is somehow bad)

Excelsior! (falls out window)


Just don't let on that you read, or the youtube fanatics will ostracize you. :scream:


Won't work. Something, something, "forest for the trees." :wink:


Wait a minute... What!

What's on second.


That. is what.

You know, like the nuns in parochial school. How they'd slap the back of your hand with a ruler all due to your poor verbiage. Usually in Latin class. Declensions and all that. :wink:


I started out life left handed. The nuns made quick work of that. And yes, they prefer rulers made of ash or birch as they are stiff yet flexible, light and swift. Bonus is they do not shatter on contact with a pointy little noggin and are easily secreted amid their volumes of garments.

I'm actually grateful to those miserable old bats. They forced me to become ambidextrous, quite handy when pulling wrenches.

edit: I lied! First action order is to list Garuda as my OS in the profile and even list the kernel. That arch wiki is biblical in size but has paint by numbers notations for bone heads like me.