I need help with commands / pacman

Hey there. I want to install an application, and in their guide, they say this:

How would I do this using pacman? I'm quite new to how things work here. Is this supported on garuda at all?

We use arch not debian, for you we make it very easy. Use in terminal/konsole

garuda-update -a

Install software with

sudo pacman -Syu <app-name>



It looks like this is going to be a problem.
It has not been made available for Arch, and on purpose. And this is closed source...


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I'm confused, which is it, an app or a repository?

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Both. It is a repo for that specific application. You add the repo and then it is installed and updated from the repo.

If you can't get it to work natively on garuda, you might consider a solution like distrobox which lets you run an application for a different distro in a container but integrates it so it runs like a native application.