I need help creating a single-gpu-passthrough windows vm

my specs are i5-9400f and rx-570 and I am using garuda qtie. I installed kvm from the post-installation menu. I used arch linux previously and tried some guides by risingprism and qaid-void but didn't get it to work and got a black screen with no signal whenever I started the vm. Please help. There are some games I am just not being able to run even with all the tweaks.
Thank you!

So what application are you using to virtualize?
KVM is an architecture/technology used by some applications, like Virt-Viewer for instance...

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Just post your garuda-inxi, maybe you did not read the template, please.


Use virt-manager. There are some good guides like this GitHub - BigAnteater/KVM-GPU-Passthrough: This is a simple, mostly automated guide to pass a GPU through to a VM. It comes with video tutorial also and everything scripted. But if you want to learn, I recommend going to arch wiki PCI passthrough via OVMF - ArchWiki .

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I tried that. Its for nvidia cards not useful for amd cards

yeah sorry I forgot that

GPU Passthrough troubleshooting can sometimes be very tricky.

The first thing I'd do is read wikis and procedures related to your combo application and GPU.
So if you use Virt-Manager, which I'd guess you do, check out Virt-Manager's wikis and forums, I am convinced there are many other people in the same situation as you over there.

Is Garuda the one and only distro you are trying with GPU Passthrough?

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