I need a pomodoro app and a todo list manager!


I am a Windows user, currently using Garuda as my first Linux distro...

Not too familiar with open-source apps, but I will learn...

I have been searching for some productivity apps online. Things like a to-do list manager and a Pomodoro app...

Almost all Linux apps are either snap or flatpak, but from what I understand, garuda seems to disapprove of using these...

So what do I do? are there any good apps like these on garuda! Most of the apps in pamac sucks or don't work!

Any idea, guys!


Do you think we make suggestions so that you can tell us it's crap or it doesn't work?

Make a list of what you have tried.
Divide them into "crap" and "doesn't work".
Please :slight_smile:


List of applications - ArchWiki lists the available applications for the Arch environment.


The best "to do list manager" that I have ever used, I married.
Still debating if it was the right thing to do or not.
However, I think I'll keep her. :kissing_heart:


Have fun.


You, too? I used to think so, and then we got a parrot, who assumed control of the entire household, contents, other animals, and us. It is necessary to seek her permission for everything or risk her ire (not to mention she bites).


I am big fan simple software not very fat software. So I am using gnome-todo as my todo list manager and using joplin as my note taking app.

In GNOME TODO you can also write note based on your task and can set the due time for your task. This is really very thin and powerful app.


Sorry If I upset you! The Garuda team is really excellent and awesome because you are super fast at resolving issues and interacting with the community! I love you guys, really...

However, I can't seem to find any apps that fit my taste...

I have left my Windows days behind - believe me! I don't want windows apps to work on Linux!

However, many Linux apps are also not available in Pamac! And I am new to Linux and a bit scared for trying to build my app from source, which is why I am asking for suggestions...

Instead of turning this into a toxic discussion and point to apps I don't like, I will tell you the apps that I do like and want on Garuda.

  • planner
  • go for it

Are there apps that do take notes on pamac? Yes! I don't like their design! They also don't blend with Garuda's aesthetics (which I do love, let alone like)...

Also, I am at a complete loss when it comes to finding a good(read: well designed) Pomodoro app...

There are tons of GNOME extensions, but none of them work on GNOME 40 - which is no fault on the Garuda team..
Extensions like:

  • Pomodoro
  • time++
    these don't work properly!

Overall, I never intended to hurt your feelings or anything!

Just looking for some good suggestions for open-source to-do list apps and Pomodoro timers...


This is not about feelings, but about effectiveness.
When volunteers name apps that they have already rejected, they are wasting their time.

So again, which apps didn't work and which didn't meet your needs?

  • pomodoro - its a gnome extension available in pamac. it installed but then became unresponsive when I tried to use it! No error message to share with you.
  • time++ - too slow. the time countdown feature doesn't work! There is no sound indication. Sometimes crashes. Again no error message pop-up to share.
  • planner - says available in AUR, but can't find when searching in Pamac! don't know why...

These are the apps...

By "crap" I mean apps that have a very windows XP-like design or lacking in features. It's a subjective thing and I hardly think you can help!

AUR is enabled in pamac?



Start app from terminal.


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Sorry, my bad AUR was not enabled! Enabled it! Thanks

What command am I supposed to type in the terminal to get it to work?


Just use pamac :slight_smile:

Oops, or



But you install it, not me :wink:

Thanks.. :slight_smile:

Also, can you tell me why the Garuda pamac looks a bit different to Manjaro pamac.. Is there some additional theming or stuff?

Watched a YouTube video where they were showcasing the Manjaro Pamac and I found it so different from the one i am using..


P.S: i am using gnome-pomodoro-git and had to type that in.. understood! Thank you!

What is Manjaro? :smiley:

I use i3wm, so it can differ between the DE you use.
Also, we use last software releases other OS maybe not. Pamac change outfit before some weeks?

:sweat_smile: :joy:

I only started using Garuda some weeks ago.. This is my second week using the operating system! For my first distro, this is absolutely stunning and an eye candy...

I just need to understand my way around Linux a bit better, that's all! :slight_smile:

You know, I was contemplating between Manjaro and Garuda..

Picked Garuda because..

  1. it looks fantastic
  2. btrfs integration right from the start
  3. timeshift - don't know if Manjaro also comes with it
  4. i heard Garuda has an awesome and responsive community - not disappointed at all.
  5. zram support
  6. no nonsense point-release confusion naming scheme....

Now that i think of it - is zram enabled by default or do i need to turn it on!


this is just simply mindblowing consider using it. Also its in plain js so you can literally edit anything



doing things
is a god to-do app


Super Productivity - Webapp is an open source cross platform app Github Releases Page which helps you to be more productive. More about the features here.

I use this as the main Pomodoro app and todo list manager for work.

If you need to keep track of todo lists even after completed, then Zim Wiki supports todo lists as well.