I miss Latte Dock

I really miss Latte Dock :smiling_face_with_tear:

After updating my system and removing Latte Dock completly last month, there really is such a big hole in my heart. Due to my stutborness, even after one year i decided to keep Latte Dock, but after all I was in the obligation to remove it.
The new theme and docks are great but I will be honest It lacks a bit compared to Latte Dock that offer you a complete control over your panels.
I know that Latte Dock development has ended that’s why i’m writting this post. I would like take the project and support it. Currently I lack a lot since I’m a web developer (A Javascript guy :smiling_face:) and I don’t know much about OS development specially open source project for Linux distro and stuff like that. I usually stay in the browser. I just want you guys to help me get understanding. Some kind of roadmap I can follow to be good enough before messing things up :sweat_smile:



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You ought to check this out…
Maybe you will get to know more about it here:


Agree miss Latte. There was no real reason the KDE devs couldn’t have picked up the project themselves or at least copied the best features from it to Plasma before releasing 6. To be honest Plasma are missing more than a bit.


#1 It’s not a KDE Project.

The developer/maintainer got tired of maintaining it. That happens. Now there’s a new one. Have patience. And buy the guy a cup o’ coffee, fer chrissake. It’s not like you paid for the software. :wink:

From the AUR Page:

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So far, Latte Dock doesn’t support KDE 6. The upstream adaptation work is still in progress. Check this link for detials. Plasma 6 port (#134) · Issues · Plasma / Latte Dock · GitLab


Grow up already. No one cares about your extremely unhelpful and rude comments. As I stated there was no reason that the KDE devs couldn’t have continued the project or incorporated some of it’s features into Plasma.

Um, I hate to be “that guy”, but at the moment there are upwards of two hundred “real” reasons a day:

These guys are not sitting around with their feet on the desk looking for something to do. I think focusing the limited time and resources the devs have on fixing the actual desktop environment in the aftermath of Plasma 6 is a better choice that trying to rewrite somebody’s complex hobby project that finally broke for good after two years of neglect.


It’s not @Bro who writes unhelpful and rude comments, it’s you. Since you signed up here, you’ve been harassing other users for no reason. The reason why the Garuda forum sometimes has a bad reputation is because of users like you. You’re the one who should grow up…but you’ve already been told that. Already forgotten? Try some self-reflection.

@Bro and @BluishHumility are right, whether you like it or not.
Either you still don’t understand how GNU/Linux and OSS work, or you don’t want to understand it.

If there’s something you don’t like about KDE or Latte Dock, it’s:

Either do it better, help improving things or shut up!!!

It’s FOSS.


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You mean to say there’s no real reason why you couldn’t have continued the project, right?

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Actually there must have been, because they didn’t. I have never paid any attention to the code behind it, but I have a suspicion it was ugly.
Truth be told, I miss Latte too, but if no one wanted to pick it up, there must have been a reason.
The panels did get more love in Plasma 6, and hopefully will get more soon.


You have a great spirit towards linux & I am sure your background with js etc would make it fairly easy for you to make good contributions at the pkg or os levels!

Actually people like web designers who have a sense of user experiences with the front end interfaces is something linux can always use & is the biggest barrier factor holding linux back, imo! Go for it! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


I am willing to go to whatever are reasonable lengths to repair your image of me. I still flounder about wondering how I have harmed you so mightily.


Haha Don’t worry unless a giant meteorit come and blow me up I won’t leave the community. It’s such a shame for me who have been using Garuda Linux for nearly 2 years now and fully enjoyed all the cool features without contributing even if it’s just on the forum :smiling_face_with_tear: but I’ll forever be a garuda guy. I fully understand theirs stances and really happy to see that there is so much reactions on my first post :partying_face:


Yeah exactly. I really had the motivation in the past I would’ve started searching how to contribute or at least bought a coffee to the guys who have been working on it. I think I lack skills to continue the project but I’ll definitely contribue to it now after getting basics knowledge about OS programming (I started C and C++ 3 days ago as base and pointer’s stuff are killing me alreading).