I Love Garuda!

I am returning Linux user, have been using Linux on and off since 2004. I started with OpenSUSE, and Knoppix.

I am trying to teach myself and learn the Security Field as Blue Team.

Most recently I've been using Kali to get my feet wet along side reading Kali Revealed and taking a few online classes, but I wanted to get into Arch because of the customizeability and the software available. I've had my eye on Garuda for a few weeks, and I noticed you had a BlackArch ISO with everything pre-installed!

I just have to say WOW, I absolutely loving having the best of both worlds, the best looking OS, customizeability of Arch, and now the tools of Kali/Black Arch. Yes I know you can simply install these tools on any distro, but its a big time saver what the Garuda team has done.

I just want to say thank you. You guys are awesome, and this is a great OS, and I look forward to it's future, and my use of it!


Thank you for the kind words, nice to read. :slight_smile:

BTW, if everything from BlackArch is included the ISO has a size of 16 GiB ;-), so there are about 10 GiB missing :slight_smile:


Still a few simple console commands and it's all there :slight_smile:


Welcome to Garuda.

I think Garuda is a perfect fit for you. :+1:


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