I just want to say thanks to the Garuda team and contributors

I've posted a couple of times already. But I hadn't said thanks.

This is truly my favorite Linux distro. It's so functional and so fast. I truly appreciate all of it. The assistants save so much time since I'm not a great command line user and I have to do a lot of other stuff. (As we all.) And it's so fast all the time. Even more than Manjaro I think which has way less stuff included out of the box.

thank you all of you for your work. I hope I can contribute someday too with something.

Blessings from Mexico. Love you all. _/_


I'd like to join myself with this applaude, in thanking you warmly, I have now switched to Linux permanently thanks to you (I was dual booting with Windows 10/11 for more than 1 year). I've also tried and tested various various distros (Debian like, Fedora and Manjaro/EndeavourOS) inside VMs by doing the old and dear "distro hopping", but Garuda KDE Dragonized guys.... really is just perfect for me as well as thinking that it's a piece of art.

A huge gg to all of you devs!


gg? The game has only just begun friend.
I have some interesting news for you. The Hunter exam isn't over
Even after you get your license, the true exam begins:sunglasses:


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