I installed Garuda linux and facing major issues with Sound

I restarted again with the given steps,
First thing I am not understanding WHY my Audio port changed to Headphones after restarting the System

  1. I am not getting sound from youtube.

  2. I have to manually check and keep trying to change the audio profiles to check is audio coming or not?

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Could this be something to do with the audio profiles you have set up using pavucontrol? Kinda a shot in the dark here not sure if this would even work but try removing pavucontrol and pulseaudio-qt. See if that helps

Just checking through the Arch linux support about youtube sound issue, there I got to know yotube checks for pulse audio for codec, reason might be I have added that in sound.

My friend all of pulseaudio's dependencies are fullfilled by pipewire using pipewire-pulse. I too don't have pulseaudio in my system but I can surf and listen to YT, etc across multiple browsers.

Also it's a known fact that pulseaudio is causing issues in garuda. You can search forum.

btw, the post you linked is from 2017... That's ancient for rolling release. pulseaudio was hip then not now.

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Can you try to see if linux-lts helps your case. Not related but someone recently had bluetooth issues here and removing pulseaudio, reinstalling pipewire and linux-lts and switching to it seems to have solved it for them you can try to see if that helps your case too.

sudo pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers

and try switching to linux-lts. See if that helps.

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ok bro let me check this also, and udpate tomorrow, thanks friend

I tried running this command

sudo pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers

but still when I am restarting audio showing headphone profile and sound not coming



I was able to fix this by enabling Alsa Support from Garuda Assistance and by disabling all other Audio supports.

Now it is working like charm

Thanks everyone for their support :innocent:


I'll betcha $100 you're running more than just ALSA. :slight_smile:


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