I have vmware packade but i didnt understand how i install it (version 17 pro)

actually i cant remember setup file install in garuda
i have this setup file VMware-Workstation-Full-17.0.2-21581411.x86_64
i download it official website
can u help me pls
thank you in time

Please follow the template and post garuda-inxi.

Keep in mind this forum is not a general technical support forum.

In terminal

pacman vmware-workstation

it is in chaotic-aur.

sudo pacman -S vmware-workstation

second one worked thank you so much

OK, typo missing -S :wink:


actually i make same thing but need upgrade garuda bc when i try install i have many error in terminal i thing we have some fix on this OS sorry for everything i asking like i said my first post im new in arch linux

do you know about why i cant connect internet on wvware ? if i cant fix i will remove that i contiune with oracle virtual box

New problem new post please, and please follow the template.
Use forum search about the error in your update log, websearch too.

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