I have big problem when I'm using sudo pacman -Syy | Mam duży problem, gdy używam sudo pacman -Syy

błąd: blackarch: podpis od “Levon ‘noptrix’ Kayan (BlackArch Developer) [email protected]” posiada nieznane zaufanie
błąd: nie udało się zsynchronizować wszystkich baz danych (Niepoprawna lub uszkodzona baza danych (podpis PGP))

Post ouput of ‘garuda-inxi’ formatted in code please


Don’t use -Syy without immediately following it with -Su. Otherwise you may end up with a partial update scenario.

Also, the ‘yy’ is not needed unless changing mirrors. It over stresses the servers.


Thanks for information, but this still don’t work.

Where is location for this?

It’s a command. Enter it in the terminal and paste the results here, formatted with ``` before and after.
pasted text
The same info can be found in the Garuda Assistant, system specs.

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Anyway, this is a recurring blackarch issue, not Garuda stuff.
Blackarch is not supported anymore in Garuda since a lot of time, since it is supposed to be aimed to skilled users, and we cannot help for that extrrnal stuff.
You could try the mighty

update remote keyring

But it might not work, if there are underlying blackarch issues.
So the best thing would be to remove blackarch from your pacman.conf
If you really need it, you could follow-up this issue in the blackarch GitHub site. There are approx 25 issues there for this same problem. See e.g.


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