I got 500gb Nvme SSD , but installer shows not enough space

I wanted to Dual Boot Garuda with windows 10. My device is Asus Zenbook Duo [ 512gb , Intel i5 10th gen , 8gb Ram , Nvidia Mx250]. As soon as I entered the installer . it said " There is not enough space . Atleast 29.9 gb "

I have also unallocated 50 gb of free space from my nvme , and the result is still the same.

i checked the portion manager of the garuda , and its not detecting my NVme SSD. its showing just the USB stick I flashed the ISO on.

It could be that your nvme disk is not seen at all.
Could you please check if it works disabling Intel-VMD in the BIOS?
If it succeseeds, most likely Windows won't start anymore, but there is a way to handle that (including the vmd module).
Another check could be to make sure that the disk type in the BIOS is set to AHCI as opposed to RAID or other stuff.


"Intel rapid storage technology "was the feature i disabled while dual booting ubuntu , is that same?

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Yes, that could be it.
But without having the problem directly, I can only try to guess...
I've just found something similar on the web saying:
you can disable "Intel RST Premium with Intel Optane System Acceleration" by going to Advanced tab-->SATA Configuration-->SATA Mode Selection-->AHCI (it should be highlighted black)-->pressing Esc-->Save & Exit tab-->Save Changes