I found a error when I install a package

i install a package for friefox extension then its shows error how i install please guide me please
error: '/home/Download/net.downloadhelper.coapp-1.6.0': could not find or read package

Have you searched google for this error? If you had, you would have found the answer.

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i search this issue in google but not any solution found if you see then send here



hey thank you so much its too simple wow i open link and see package name and enter name i packager installer its show package and then i click build then its done thank you so much i try to install to many days, i not mention ask to fourm because embarssing to ask this question, please if you have any website that mention easily learn all installation method for arch linux, i see in arch wiki but is not understand clearly if you have any other website please provide me

I am an Arch/linux noob, but I read this. Might I suggest you do the same, as it will help you far more in the long run.

Specifically the part about forums, searches and helping oneself.

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I realize English is not your first language, so that will understandablly cause confusion. I do have a suggestion for you for the future though. When asking for assistance adding the word "please" to any request comes off as a polite request rather than a demand. You can never use the word please too often when requesting help as it tends to get you far more assistance.

Welcome to the forum and Garuda.


Also when someone provides you with the solution you were looking for you should mark their answer as the solution using the check mark at the bottom of their post. I will do this for you.

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