I feel at home in your distro

This distro reminds me of old Ultimate edition, or Ubuntu Ultimate edition as it was once called, boldly themed and everything you can think of preinstalled, bloated like crazy, and thats how I like it :slight_smile:


I had a friend who loved Ultimate Edition, back about 7 - 8 years ago. I remember that the default theme was all red and black and moody, and he was so happy with the distro.


Iโ€™m another include everything including the kitchen sink fan. I can either remove or ignore what I donโ€™t use. On this system just easier to ignore what I donโ€™t use.

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That was what I always installed on my kids computer when they infected their Windows installation. They quite liked the Ubuntu Ultimate Edition and it was a perfect way to break them of getting virii and malware from the internet.

Welcome to Garuda @scirocco