I don't open Microsoft-Edge

Hello and thanks to everyone.

I have made the decision to use Firedragon that is an excellent browser.

Thanks to all TBG you are right.


Wise decision


Problem solver in AUR version dev.


Another Microsoft brand bug.


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I have found that MS Edge will work after I delete the AppMenu widget from the top panel. This causes problems with other apps not showing a menu at all, but edge works which I need to use for work. If anyone has a solution for either getting edge to work with the AppMenu widget, or a way to get other apps like konsole to show it's app menu without using the widget, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm not new to Linux, but fairly new to KDE and very new to Garuda.


I see that there are being several updates there these days.
You'd better refer to which version you are using.
After the one of 22-Sep (I think 95.0.1020) which solved some problems there is now a 96.0.1028 from 28-Sep which should solve other problems I think.


I did have some updates pending. I'm installing those and I'll let you if it works or not and what versions I have.


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Yep, latest version works. Thanks, and I'm sorry I didn't update before posting.


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Bill, Sorry to reply late but I will give you a general rule of thumb, follow this you will never face an issue with Microsoft Edge.

  • See microsoft-edge-dev-bin and microsoft-edge-beta-bin are usually broken when they are updated on AUR.
  • So for better workflow, always use the penultimate version. I will tell you how to manage that.
  • Firstly you have to remove it from getting auto-updated, then whenever a new update is released and if we do a system update, check first when the update was released. If it has been there for sometime and no errors are reported, manually update microsoft-edge-dev-bin or microsoft-edge-beta-bin sudo pacman -S microsoft-edge-dev-bin or sudo pacman -S microsoft-edge-beta-bin (You can use paru too :wink:)
  • This how my microsoft edge never breaks. You just need to edit your pacman.conf for this whole process that's it.

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That would never be recommended, because not updating will obviously lack patches, which will be insecure as well as buggy.

But wait, it would still be insecure and buggy. :wink:

  • Well it is completely user dependent, for me it never broke because of this, and I am still running the most latest version.
  • Also its dev channel and generally receives an update after every 7 - 8 days approx, and I generally run the update command once a week so I get a notification in the terminal that there is a newer update for that.
  • Hence no problem, it boils down on how one uses them.

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