I did some wallpapers

I'm posting some variation of the model I made for a test run of my current rig with Garuda. Since the driver issues got resolved eventually. :tada: :confetti_ball:

I'd be happy for some feedback, improvement suggestions or anything else you think about it. :smiley:

Soft theming to better fit into the KDE dr460nforced Desktop.

This one actually has no background but due to uploading it to the forum it got converted to white.

This is the actual white background, as you can see it isn't just a white smash.

My issues with it:
I think it is in the middle of being complex and yet actually pretty simple. It seems kinda undefined to me.
I'm not sure about the background or even the size of the logo.

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Thanks in advance,

Bruce :shark:


First of all nice concept :+1:
As you know Artwork is very subjective as you can tell from my stuff I do and is only my opinion :smiley:
However you might want to try a few things which may work or not :smiley:
separate the white banding, scale up abit and solidify to give depth,
Add a slight bevel to the g
And try your colors in a color wheel
Lighting with a hdri not just scene lighting
Try the camera in orthographic not just perspective
set your scene to be in high contrast or very high contrast

The list can go on :smiley:
I find modeling is the easy bit, texturing and lighting is always the hard part
I hope that gives you a few ideas to play with :grinning:


Thank you :blush:

Hmm that sounds interesting :thinking:

And try your colors in a color wheel

I gonna try this!

Lighting with a hdri not just scene lighting

I've got a HDRI for that scene. I'm using spot lights for the coloured one to get the colours in the scene tho. The HDRI I'm using is the "Small studio"-HDRI from HDRI-heaven.

Oohhhh, that makes sense for a wallpaper.... now I feel a bit silly xD - it seems so obvious after the fact LOL

Hmm, I wanted a not a very strong contrast since the scene should be "mild" to qualify as background.

Yep, I'm pretty sure it does. Especially since this is just an out of the blue quick thing to test my computer but I started to like it and wanted to refine it.

Sooo true!
Although I love playing around with all those shader nodes. Sure this one is just a simply glass with some BSDFs but I like nodes and what they actually can do. It is mindblowing to me everytime.

I'll come back after trying out your suggestions and show you what I can come up with.

THANK YOU :slight_smile:

Bruce :shark:


Just playing around with some shaders. I build myself a plastics shader. Those white figures are white until they are striven with a ton of light and the reddish tone comes through.

The design and modeling was the most fun part for me though. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
My goal was to hit the middle between details and simplicity.
What do you think about the design?


When I first saw it, I thought it was a poker chip :slot_machine: