I can't open Davinci Resolve

The desktop icon is there, but when I open it, says that the binary for davinci resolve doesn't exsist.

This is davinci-resolve-beta from the aur (installed using yay)

That package is marked out of date, and someone is requesting to be added as a co-maintainer so it can be fixed: AUR (en) - davinci-resolve-beta

You might want to use a different version in the meantime.


I tried that, the same error.

I even removed yay entirely, and installed davinci resolve using the .run file (from the zip file from blackmagicdesign.com) and it says everything is installed, but yet, I can't find the binary for it.

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Please, reboot first after install and update.

For questions about davinci best place seems

Search also in Forum and internet.

Garuda use paru.