I can't move or rearrange the icons in the latte dock

After the recent update (2-3 days back), I can't move or rearrange the icons in the latte dock...
Currently using Dr460nized...

But I can...

Try resetting Latte to its default.

how to do that...?

No. it didn't work...I remove every icon and then pin one by one as I want...

To reset latte, delete these:

  • ~/.config/latte
  • ~/.config/lattedockrc
  • ~/.cache/lattedock

Then, re-login and then check if it works.

Have you used this button?


not working...

I have the exact same problem since about the exact same time.

Using the "Rearrange and configure your widgets" button does not work either.
No matter you are in edit mode, rearrange widgets or not, or outside the edit mode completely, no icon can be dragged around from within the dock.

I am talking about the lower (left side for me now) dock that gets installed by default in dr460nized.

I guess I'll try to uninstall and reinstall and see what happens.

A'right so I tested with an older snapshot I had.

My snapshots are NOT from Timeshift. I use my own scripts which snapshot both @ and @home so that I can boot into a snapshot in an encapsulated fashion, without sharing any file with any other subvolume. The perfect crime for testing anything you want. :slight_smile:

That being said, I had an old @home and @. This one contained the following version of Latte:

╰─λ paru -Qs latte-dock
local/latte-dock-git r4743.c4565998-1

Then I did a upd.

Then I checked the new version of Latte:

╰─λ paru -Qs latte-dock
local/latte-dock-git r4808.bba3c292-1

The first version above works. I can drag icons and rearrange them no issues.
The second version does not work, it does not allow to drag/rearrange icons in anyway.

I don't think this has anything to do with user files as I copied over those "working" files and deleted .cache and as long as I use git r4808.bba3c292-1, it does not work.

Probably not related to Garuda either. Maybe we should log something at Latte.


I confirm with the latte-dock-git r4804.bba3c292-1. It's a bug/problem with latte itself, not Garuda. Even I'm facing the same problem now. Luckily, I have already arranged how I want, so no prob for me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lolll lucky you indeed! I was still in my "Garuda personal configuration process" when it hit me so I'm about 80% done with the arrangement of the dock. Too bad for me for now, I think I'll send a note to latte guys about that, but I'm pretty sure they are already aware. When I searched for the issue on google, one of the first link that came up was this thread here. lolll So maybe the issue is still in its infancy but I will either use Latte's bug report feature or find the forum or whatever place where these things are discussed.

Though you can't rearrange as for now, you can pin & unpin to rearrange them (I can so I'm sure you also can). Pinning is working now at least.

I rearranged it by unpin all icons and then open all the applications which I want in Latte Dock...
then pin the apps in order as I want and it arranges in that way easily...
I hope they will fix this bug soon...

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Yeah you're right, guys. Good workaround, thank god I don't have 25 apps on the dock. loll

I have 12 right now, but it took less than 2 min for me... :sunglasses:

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@D_D then it's really not that bad, I thought it would take more time.

Are you able to select a post in the thread and flag it as SOLUTION? So that way others searching for the issue will know where to look for a quick solution/workaround. And if we are lucky some people from other distros will end up here and take the opportunity to install Garuda. :smiley:


I couldn't find the exact problem, though.
The dev suggests trying the... git version, because several reports are about stable(0.9) version.

We are using the git, which I believe installs by default with Garuda.
I'll open a ticket later today, then.

i think i found the problem when you open latte and go to the layouts area it says that the layout garuda is broken and to remove it to fix stability @D_D @FGD

i think if you copy it and use the coped version it might fix it

nope that does not help

Correct. loll I tried that, copying old config files to new git version. And the other way around too.
My Latte does not say Garuda Layout is broken, though, all seems clean.