I can't install Wayfire

Graphics card is a GTX 3060.

What would you suggest I modify to change/fix the LIBSEAT_BACKEND on the live boot environment? Is it something I can pass through GRUB at boot time?

Just in case the reason for no-answer is the stated model of my graphics card, I made a typo (out of habit). It's an RTX 3060.

I'd still like to know how to boot the live USB for Wayfire, because it's just flashing me the seatd message once, then stopping with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner of my display.

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Have you tried passing the boot parameter suggested above at GRUB?
linux /boot/vmlinuz-$2 driver=nonfree nvidia-drm.modeset=1
If not working, if you can switch to a TTY and login, maybe you could try adding that
LIBSEAT_BACKEND=logind to /etc/environment and launching wayfire from TTY.

I have tried the nvidia-drm.modeset suggestion, to no avail. I'll give the manual attempt a try (adding the logind var to /etc/environment and launching wayfire) tonight and report success/failure status here afterward. Thank you for the suggestion.

UPDATE: I have successfully added "LIBSEAT_BACKEND=login" to /etc/environment, and launched wayfire from the command line. I see the line "Successfully loaded libseat session" but wayfire segfaults immediately, dropping me back to a prompt.