I can't connect WiFi to my notebook

I’m not able to connect the WiFi even the Garuda WiFi recognizing the wi-fi model that is rtll8822be
But I’m not getting to connect to the system

Output of

systemctl status NetworkManager

install linux-zen headers, restart... then install base-devel iw rfkill wireless_tools then restart...

then type sudo systemctl start NetworkManager then sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager

boom.. done

Your attempt to help is most appreciated, but in all likelihood the user either resolved this issue or moved on (as they haven't responded in over a month).

It would be nice if users posted the outcome of a topic after initiating a help request, unfortunately many simply leave things hanging.

I would assume further help is not required on this thread. Perhaps I will closed the thread if the OP does not clarify the threads status in a reasonable period of time.