I can't boot garuda

I have downloaded "Garuda dragonised KDE gaming edition" and used rufus to create bootable usb.

After choosing which drivers do I want, I get

mount : /run/miso/sfs/livefs: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, missing codepage or helper program, ot other error.
ERROR; Failed to mount 'dev/loop0'
Falling back to interactie prompt
You can try to fix the problem manually, log out when you are finished
sh: can't access tty: job control turned off

I have seen topic like this, but nothing from answers to it seem to help me, or Im doing something wrong

(I tried both proprietary and open source drivers, pen drive is 32gb, I have UEFI)

Try with Ventoy please.
If that doesn't help, you could try with another USB key.
In addition to the above, it would be useful to verify the checksum.


Or use

Garuda Downloader

Garuda Downloader is a user-friendly ISO downloader focusing on saving bandwidth via delta downloads by utilizing zsync2. It provides an easy UI for downloading the latest (official, not development) live images of all official editions. On Linux, you can manually select an older ISO file as a "seed" file in order to save bandwidth.
After an ISO file has been downloaded, it provides a button to quickly launch a recommended flashing tool (Etcher on Linux, Rufus on Windows (only because the Rufus executable is tiny)). This is the recommended way to download Garuda Linux.



I have tried with ventoy, It didn't work. About checksum I have just downloaded from site and it seems to be ok. What is USB key?

Garuda downloader uses rufus at least there is download iso button and launch rufus button so what will it change?

The device that you plug into the USB port and were you flash the ISO image.

This means that the download completed successfully or you actually verified the checksum?


How do you know your Rufus version is bug free?

If it doesn't work for you even with Ventoy, it could be the USB stick. Can you try it with another one?

There is no 'seems' in checking two numbers that must be identical.


When flashing with Rufus, if Rufus asks you to choose between IsoHybrid and DD, choose DD.


I have actually checked, ok, will look for different usb key

This is a way of verifying the integrity of the download by comparing a hash of the downloaded file with a hash of the file before you downloaded it. Here's an example on my computer (I have one I am doing anyway):

Download the ISO and the checksum file, then navigate to the folder you downloaded them into.

λ ls
.rw-r--r-- 1.5G jeremy 11 Jun 15:13  garuda-kde-lite-linux-zen-220428.iso
.rw-r--r--  103 jeremy 11 Jun 15:00  garuda-kde-lite-linux-zen-220428.iso.sha256

Run sha256sum command on the ISO.

λ sha256sum garuda-kde-lite-linux-zen-220428.iso
bcc1986f359b13c2cadb723fc21d7cf23d5a787c7da9fe1be014a6e9ab8f2031  garuda-kde-lite-linux-zen-220428.iso

Then look at the .sha256 file and compare the two hashes to make sure they match.

λ cat garuda-kde-lite-linux-zen-220428.iso.sha256
File: garuda-kde-lite-linux-zen-220428.iso.sha256
bcc1986f359b13c2cadb723fc21d7cf23d5a787c7da9fe1be014a6e9ab8f2031  garuda-kde-lite-linux-zen-220428.iso

If they don't match, delete the ISO and try downloading again.