I can not wri̇te my password in terminal

I HAVE A BİG PROBLEM I TURNED OFF sddm.service for update driver but I stucked because it wants password and I can not write it

Passwords are not visible it terminal.
It works, even if you don't see any character you enter.

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It says wrong but this password is true. I USE THIS PASSWORD EVERYTİME Why it says wrong

You probably typed it incorrectly more then three times (or cancelled a password prompt).

To check this run faillock in a terminal, and if you have locked yourself out then run faillock --reset .

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Is Root password and login password diffrent?

İt wants pass

So, it looks like you didn't heed prior warnings about avoiding the NVIDIA drivers from their website (as those will break the Garuda driver setup):

Therefore, I'd recommend that you use the snapshot rollback function (under the GRUB boot menu) to restore to a previous working, state.

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My password also has a capital letter while using it, I wonder if it counts the caps lock key too.

I didn't use this file already just I TURNED OFF sddm.service

Your password is no different whether it is typed into a TTY or a graphical box.

Please use the rollback function to restore your system to a working state rather than take up our time trying to work out why you can't type your password.

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How can I restore it and if I restore my files will go ? Because I have so important things

Already answered

Me too, I have a perfect backup strategy.

Can you say the strategy?

man rsync

Where do I write this

In Terminal.

Your /home folder dosn't change until you have changed standard settings in timeshift.

All about "backup" you will find in the web :slight_smile:

But my terminal iş not working

How do you check you password in terminal if terminal not work?

But restore your OS and then you can use it again.

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Omgggg God bless you it worked so now can you say how can I update my nvidia driver

Use search function in forum and WWW.

sudo pacman -Syu

This topic is solved.
I close now.