I am unable to use open bangla keyboard

how to write in bengali....??????
i want to use avro keyboard or open bangla keyboard...
but it doesnot work...
how do i fix it?

How? First of all, which desktop environment are you using? Did you check in keyboard layout?

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i am using kde dragonize.

mai ne to keyboard layout pr english select kiya tha..
uha par bengali layout vi tha....but o default layout bohot hard hay...
avro keyboard pe jaise english likhne pe bangla aa jata tha aisa to usme nehi hoga.....usme layout phaile yad karna porega...

so i need help....i install open bangla keyboard from 'add or remove' store..
but it doesnot work.

And I have another problem......after every update i lost default screen animation or latte dock animation....like
1) zoom on howver doesnot working..

2) minimise maximise animation can't display

yea sob option gray colour ka ho gaya...change nehi korne de rahaya....

Garuda Assistant per ja kar restore default korke change korna par raha ya

Not available for Linux.
But where are you going to use it? If you are going to use it on libre office, you can simple choose Layout with Bangla font.

Which edition is this?


so what is this?

i use "open bangla keyboard" and "avro keyboard
" in ubuntu

and it is also avilable for arch distribution...
i installed it on my system....but it cannot work?

No idea, because it is other's software.

Please ask developer of Avro keyboard.


ok , tq
and what about the next problem...

For second problem, are you logging into guest user?
Look carefully while logging in.


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