I am trying to delete GNOME extensions

gnome extensions because it's not working for me right now and the computer is telling me it couldn't do the transaction.
could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing gnome-shell breaks dependency 'gnome-shell' required by gdm
  • removing gnome-shell breaks dependency 'gnome-shell>=3.36' requir
    Have you guys seen this before? Any help would be appreciated.

This is almost certainly not what you want to do.

What are you trying to remove, and what is your method for removal?


Both gnome-extensions and gnome-extensions-app are part of the gnome-shell package, so you cannot remove them if you plan to keep using Gnome. If it is not working for some reason, try to re-install the package. Or, if you wanna use that third party app that manages extensions, you can install it, Flatpak or not, it will not make much difference. Probably you can even add a symlink later or alias to override the stock app if you wish.


gnome-shell is GNOME. Don't do that.


I downloaded gnome extensions today just to play with and the desktop editor has an error and I rebooted my system a couple times but, no good. So after it not working is why I wanted to delete those gnome extensions and go for another program I seen with that same name. But, if it will mess something up I will just have to figure it out. Do you have any ideas?

You need to remove the extensions you installed, not the package gnome-extensions

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I will read it and learn it c00ter I mean that :smile:

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I re-installed it and rebooted and it's awesome! I will remember that thanks!

As a suggestion, keep the number of extensions used to a minimum and go for simplicity - this should keep problems to a minimum.

FWIW these are the extensions I use:

Blur my Shell

Hide Top Bar

Dock from Dash

I can run software fullscreen (great for watching videos and more besides), and the blur adds a bit of eye candy.

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