I am a total newbie, hear me out

I have got a couple of problems and I am 100% sure there are answers out there in the forum but I have searched through 4 articles and found no answers.
These are stupid questions but please stay with me.

  1. I accidentally moved the bookmark bar from the bottom to the side and I want it back down.
  2. I did it on accident while trying to resize the bookmark bar because it is inappropriately big and I still don't know how to resize it
  3. coming from windows I was wondering if there is a task manager, could be helpful
  4. I do not know how to install anything... I downloaded everything I knew from the garuda setup instructor but now I do not know the command or the actions needed to download a piece of software (for reference I tried downloading epic games (for UE), VS 2019, operaGX

sorry to bother you all and thank you for your time

Which version are you using? It is pretty hard to answer your questions without knowing that.

oh yea right, oops my bad- I am using the KDE dragonized non gaming

If by the "bookmark bar", you mean the "dock", you can right click on it and select "Edit dock". The first option is what side you want it on.

In the same menu as above, on the appearance tab you can change the various sizes. Start with the item size.

Yes, there is. It is called "System Monitor"

To install software, you use a package manager. Look for "Add/Remove Software" in the menu.

Keep in mind, not all Windows applications are available and usable in Linux.


first of all thank you, thank you so so so much!
secondly, I have one last question, when I change the picture of the desktop everything is just fine for a minute or two until the background switches again, is there any way to stop it from switching?

Make sure you don't have slide show enabled.


I've got everything else but it (and the blur) options (The option is just not there)

What do you have "Wallpaper Type" set to?

I was in scaled and cropped but it doesn't seem to make a difference

That is "Positioning", what do you have "Wallpaper Type" set to?

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it is image

Then it shouldn't be changing. What is it changing to?

feet. It is changing to feet. (idk random stock images)

Does it still happen if you reboot?

yes! I have actually tried that (it still happens and I do not know why)

Did you install a wallpaper switcher of some sort?

That has to be it. Check and see if you have Variety installed. This would be something that is easily installed during the post-installation phase of Garuda. Just search for Variety in your application menu (press the Windows key on your keyboard and type to search) and uncheck the box "Start Variety when the computer starts," then reboot.

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thank you for your time. sorry to bother you, I just had a hard time finding my answers within that text block...
life is hard with dyslexia _0_/ (grammarly is a game changer)

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