I accidentely removed to menu bar

Snapshots by default do not include your user folder, which would contain the panel configuration. They are meant for rolling back updates.

I can't help you because I don't know which panel you had. Please look up instructions for customizing your desktop for your specific DE.

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Can you list more about your system? What Shell are you using or Which variety of Garuda Linux did you download (Ie: Garuda - i3, Garuda-KDE, Garuda-XFCE). Perhaps with that information somebody may be able to troubleshoot with you! :slight_smile:

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it was the default menu the system came with, i did not change anything about it, untill i somehow accidentelyy removed it

Which desktop KDE/XFCE/GNOME/i3/SWAY/lxqt


Which desktop are you using.

There is a fix for KDE that I have seen on other forums so I can link you to them if you happen to use KDE

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Copy from /etc/skel /.config/ to your home directory.

or try Garuda Assistent


the assistant worked a bit, i can now see file, edit, view, history, tools, people and help.

the etc/skel folder is empty

Did you press Ctrl + H to see hidden files?


aha thank you! didnt think about that

Both things did not work, everything is back to default except that menu bar on top ( that one with the battery bar etc)

You know the deal :slight_smile: you must please answer the questions.


inxi -Fxxxza

as text! Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.



Ehm. Wel... I can't post the text because I can't login with the fire dragon browser. It just doesn't let me login on the forums.

Which desktop you use?

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i use Garuda KDE Dragonized

Create a new one.



You have to replace .config folder in your home directory with .config folder in etc/skel

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i already heard that, but the menu doesnt come back if i do that

Did you try restarting after that?

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yes, i tried restarting but it did not change