Hyprland Question

Currently running Garuda KDE Dr460nized, but would love install Hyprland as well. Sort of newbie question maybe at least to Hyperland.

Can I install Hyprland as well, and just pick the Windows manager I want. Meaning switch back forth at time of login. I really dont want to run it in a VM. Id like to start learning it on bare metal per say.

Wathing this guys youtube videos, has got me wanting to start learning Hyprland:

I have a 3rd TB hard drive I could attach to the system via USB and install to that. I just don’t like having an external drive in grub settings and then try to remove it later maybe.

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I have not tried it with KDE but I have done this with Garuda SWAY and Grauda i3. (And Endeavor OS ) The only problem I’ve ever had was sway uses waybar also and his waybar config over wrote the one from SWAY. But I worked around that in sway. KDE doesn’t use waybar so you should be fine there.

Re: Hyprland I like Stephan’s setup a lot. I work with him on testing it.
On my main system at home I used Garuda Hyprland. I really like how it’s all put together in a consistent package. But when I really want to tinker or add it to another DE/WM I use Stephan’s setup.

Are you using BTRFS? Good to take snapshots ahead of time just in case.
Or at least backup your home dir completely.

Good luck!

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Btw, it must be Hyprland :wink:
I change the Headline for better search results :slight_smile:

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We would know if he had posted the garuda-inxi as the template asked.

But Garuda use Btrfs by default :wink:

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I hear ya!! haha

Re: BTRFS true but only snaps root by default not home

I work in customer support for a storage company. I guess I am just used to not getting what I ask for right away. :wink:

muss Geduld haben

thank you I fixed the text :wink:

I am using BTRFS

Then make sure you have snapshots for home configured.

I would still copy or tar up my home dir before installing it.

Also to drive the point home again, since you didn’t provide the logs can’t see if you
an NVIDA video card. Their drivers are problematic with Hyprland (and others)

Yeah, I close the thread in… 3,2,1

Please post your garuda-inxi in first post. :slight_smile:

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