Hyprland module workspaces not working || IPC error and wpaperd crashed

IPC error cause disabling “hyprland/window”, and “hyprland/workspaces”
getting stucked in this issue for a week… i would thought that update will fixed it … as mentioned in some github issues… but not

`λ [2024-05-03 13:37:17.641] [info] Using configuration file /home/snku/.config/waybar/config
[2024-05-03 13:37:17.646] [info] Unable to receive desktop appearance: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such interface “org.freedesktop.portal.Settings” on object at path /org/freedesktop/portal/desktop
[2024-05-03 13:37:17.647] [info] Using CSS file /home/snku/.config/waybar/style.css
[2024-05-03 13:37:17.680] [info] Hyprland IPC starting
[2024-05-03 13:37:17.680] [error] Hyprland IPC: Unable to connect?
[2024-05-03 13:37:18.009] [error] Hyprland IPC: Couldn't connect to /tmp/hypr/387127b12ab5df8f8f40e8da7d76f47636562cab_1714723270_1361296803/.socket.sock. (3)
[2024-05-03 13:37:18.009] [warning] module hyprland/window: Disabling module "hyprland/window", Error parsing JSON: * Line 1, Column 1
  Syntax error: value, object or array expected.

[2024-05-03 13:37:18.275] [error] Hyprland IPC: Couldn't connect to /tmp/hypr/387127b12ab5df8f8f40e8da7d76f47636562cab_1714723270_1361296803/.socket.sock. (3)
[2024-05-03 13:37:18.275] [warning] module hyprland/workspaces: Disabling module "hyprland/workspaces", Error parsing JSON: * Line 1, Column 1

i am talking about this threads… my issue is not totally similar…

in my case waybar not crashed

waybar config…

wpaperd not working…(minor issoue cause i use waypaper)
before happenning this with wpaperd, after a wpaperd update …i have to create config.toml file
… so i have to switched waypaper… dont know if this is causing something…

 ╭─snku@snku in ~ 
 ╰─λ wpaperd -d

 ╭─snku@snku in ~ took 248ms
 ╰─λ The application panicked (crashed).
Message:  unable to create an EGL context: BadMatch
Location: daemon/src/render/egl_context.rs:43

Backtrace omitted. Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display it.
Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=full to include source snippets.


my garuda inxi

Missing Garuda-inxi. Which would make it easier for people to help you.

→ Normally I prefer to use app that are homegrown designed for something, that means I’d use hyprpaper, not that this matters much.
→ Just a hunch, but maybe switching from hyprland-git to hyprland would solve your problem

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i included inxi via privatebin
-ok i will do it
any other way to fix it??


Last full system update: 2024-05-03 ↻

You could also try rebooting. Or what I have said above

this problem start 1 week ago… after that many hyprland-git updates comes and i also rebooted … but reboot doesn’t fix it at all

switch from hyprland-git to hyprland


surprisingly it fixed, Thanks

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