Hyprland Additional Configs

Is it true that if you include your own config at the end of the hypr.conf script and have your own e.g. keybindings or other settings that are existent on the original file…

…these settings will get replaced, so it can survive a conf overwrite ?

If yes, can anyone help me understand this by replying or suggesting a link that explains it ?

Thank you.

I haven’t seen something like that till now :eyes:
Normally it shouldn’t happen


are you talking about ~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf? You can edit the file and change the default keybindings whenever you want. They are never going to be overwritten. Why? because that file is not a part of any package that receives updates.

To know all options you can put in there you can look at Hyprland wiki and archwiki. Hyprland - ArchWiki


Oh… nice… i thought that it was supposed to be updated with all extra new features of the next hyprland.conf (yes @Ankur i was thinking about hyprland.conf and typed hypr.conf sorry :laughing: )

So, in order to get e.g. the new hyprland look of any next release of garuda hyprland i must re-install…

Or there is going to be a new script that updates hyprland in whole with new stuff, removing the old ones… ?!?

Cause i’ve seen the differences from iso to iso, that was my original train of thought.

It was mentioned on the hyprdots dude over his video that he uses split configurations and anything you type on the e.g. user.conf it overwrites the stuff before it…

I have my own dots from that installation, i’ll try finding it…

Yeap found it…


And i had my changes added there…

#█░█ █▀ █▀▀ █▀█   █▀█ █▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀ █▀
#█▄█ ▄█ ██▄ █▀▄   █▀▀ █▀▄ ██▄ █▀░ ▄█

# Set your personal hyprland configuration here
# for sample file, please refer https://github.com/prasanthrangan/hyprdots/blob/main/Configs/.config/hypr/userprefs.t2

input {
    kb_layout = us,gr
    kb_options = grp:win_space_toggle
    follow_mouse = 0
    numlock_by_default = true

exec-once = emote

bind = $mainMod, period, exec, emote # open emoji selector

#bindl  = , F10, exec, $scrPath/volumecontrol.sh -o m # toggle audio mute
#bindel = , F11, exec, $scrPath/volumecontrol.sh -o d # decrease volume
#bindel = , F12, exec, $scrPath/volumecontrol.sh -o i # increase volume

#bindel = , XF86MonBrightnessUp, exec, $scrPath/brightnesscontrol.sh i # increase brightness
#bindel = , XF86MonBrightnessDown, exec, $scrPath/brightnesscontrol.sh d # decrease brightn>

#bindl = , switch:on:Lid Switch, exec, swaylock && systemctl suspend

That i added :

  • emote to run at start-up
  • my keyboard layout (added greek) and the keyboard shortcut to change it super+space
  • commented out some laptop specific bindings that aren’t used on desktop, cause i have my own volume buttons on the keyboard, i don’t need my f keys binded

I you want i can upload the set of the conf files for you to check…

Any changes to the default hyprland.conf would be available in


infact /etc/skel/ is the place where a lot of default configs exist. You can perform pacman -Qo to see that they are a part of garuda-hyprland-settings package that receives updates. So you can check that out.

Hyprland has several components though like waybar and stuff so do check them out as well.

You can use meld a program to compare the default file and your file and easily take in changes that you want.


I usually use vscode to compare files, but ok, i get the “how to check on changes”, but how the garuda hyprland user can get newer scripts for his wm…

…maybe in case of major hyprlands changes from release to release the garuda updater can see if the user is with hyprland and ask him to replace and backup his own scripts, so the newer functions/apps/programs can be added, and then he can replace his configuration inside hyprland.conf once again.

Or, if the method used by the hyprdots creator can help remedy this process and the user adds his stuff to a file like userprefs.conf and these will survive, if the maintainer will update the whole hyprland with new features, new polybar new waybar, maybe remove rofi and add another laucher etc.

again checkout /etc/skel config files for every component you use are available there including all scripts the default hyprland uses. Your ~/.config files are never going to be touched ever by pacman or garuda update.


See here @Ankur


# Note: as userprefs.conf is sourced at the end, settings configured in this file will override the defaults

part… suggests what i mentioned, and that may be the solution to all the things i’m trying to explain on this thread…

Suggestions ?

Thank you @NaN i may have skipped the whole /etc/skel as the skel files for the hyprland configuration, sorry about that!

But still remains how to get a hold of new stuff added if my own configuration is out-of-date :neutral_face: :expressionless:

I might not be getting you completely but are you asking how to know if the default files in /etc/skel have been changed? I can think of two ways, One would be to watch out if garuda-hyprland-settings package has been updated. Other than that there are announcements on forum that everyone who uses forum gets pinged about if something new is going to be released in a new ISO. You can can read through that as well and decide for yourself if you want the new changes in your config or not.


Thank you for the prompt reply.
I’ll try my best to keep up, but i wont stop tampering with files, and if i find a way to get all scripts updated and user settings survive then i’ll report back with complete solution, maybe it’ll help the hyprland maintainers.

We are trying out quite a lot lately, so not all changes should be taken from /etc/skel/ unless you know what you are doing.

Hyprland is still under construction, as is this community version of Garuda Hyprland.

We are grateful for suggestions, but we will mainly focus on bug fixes.


I have tried as many things as possible in G-Hyprland,
And I can just say sorry because basically I wasn’t able to implement each and everything that is shown by you.
Mostly because as just high school passed student, not in college I don’t have knowledge of each and everything :sweat_smile: .
And neither I have time for learning and implementing each and everything, because I am mostly now busy with preparing for my college admission exams :slightly_frowning_face: .

I am free for just this day, so I am busy in reverting G-Hyprland and providing it as optional feature instead of providing it by default so that bloat screamers and click bait youtubers doesn’t get aroused and start defaming garuda as a bloat…

You are most welcomed, if you can put some extra features in it but I am also just available for bug fixes as implemting things and maintaining it becomes complex (that is what I realised after implementing G-Hyprland ) and obviously time consuming(which I don’t usually have these days ) :slightly_smiling_face: