Hypervisor questions!


On my main PC, I have need of a hypervisor to run a Windows 10 VM for work purposes. It helps separate work and home PC stuff.

I currently use VMWare Workstation on my Windows install, but I would love to some day move over to Linux (Likely Garuda, as I’ve been using it on my laptop and love it), I just need to know what’s the best way to do VMs on Garuda. Does VMware Workstation Player work well? Or should I look into KVM?

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Well VMware does work on Linux.

You should learn KVM (which you can install from the Garuda Assistant btw - makes the setup easier).
I think it has more features and better performance as it is a baremetal hypervisor.
It is great tool to use from my experience.

You can check out a few guides on the YT.
ChrisTitusTech has some nice videos…

Let us know your experience with KVM…

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There is even virtualbox with a KVM backend these days, that’s what I use currently. But yes, definitely KVM one way or another.


That’s what I figured, good to know (from previous poster) that Garuda has it in the welcome assistant.

I’ll definitely give it a shot once I decide to go through the hassle to move from Windows, I just got so much data to move over, x3

You can try out QEMU, you can even use hardware bypassing in VM if you use QEMU. Refer arch wiki, for setup QEMU - ArchWiki

Few configs like


You can even emulate some other architecture but it is beyond easy.

I’m currently using QEMU with virtmanager Virt-manager - ArchWiki

It is easy to setup with virtmanager. you may need to configure the file


or add the user to the kvm group

You need to use tools like samba to share files between linux and windows, unless you install qemu drivers successfully on windows installation

Some More

Those drivers are fantastic and change size of VM resolution according to the size of windows (on X11) and support drag and drop to VM. Give minimum of 4 cores for usable VM, In My case I have 16 cores and gave 6 cores to win11 vm also you need to disable the windows update and disable animation in windows for better performance.

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