Hw-probe for Garuda

It's not a request just a suggestion. :slight_smile:
Adding hw-porbe + alias probe* to terminal configs for Garuda distros .
It's very useful tool to figuring out hardware and kernel module issues, also can easily find drivers for a specific desktop/PC for all linux distros.
Would help solving issues faster than just inxi -Fxxxza, lsusb, journalctl...

alias probe="sudo -E hw-probe -all -upload -dump-acpi -decode-acpi"


Interesting, seems to be a pretty fool-proof way to get logs to us :thinking: Also its in a human readable format and points out possible issues.

I like it, what about the others? :slight_smile:


What aout a poll if you react w/ thums up it mens i want ex probe if you react w/ thubs down its the oppisate.

hw-probe for Garuda
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  • IDK

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We may provide a tutorial, but not an alias.
IMHO it doesn't matter if I like it, approve it for myself, or helps me.
It's controversial when it comes about private info.
Have you checked how much info is posted?
I like the project, just can't promote it officially.


here is my probe:
Probe URL: https://linux-hardware.org/?probe=c7e8878f7b
What is "private" info in it?? Please explain!

Was I not clear enough?
When anonymous data/info are connected to an eponymous person, reveals objective/real info on private data, like wealth, skills, education, preferences etc.
Because you don't find it a privacy violation, does not mean everyone feels the same. Hence "controversial". :man_shrugging:

Additionally, the scope of this project (hd-probe) is to provide a database concerning Linux hardware compatibility, as a reference to Linux community.

We can applause this and suggest people to contribute.
But linking each user's datasheet for technical investigation reasons for forum support topics de-anonymize this data, hence losing scope of anonymity.
If this is not understood, it's not my fault, nor am I required to explain or defend this.


Thank you for explain this, It's clear now. Excuse me, cause my question was quizzical, I was indeed curious about your opinion. :wink: