HP 745 G6 Laptop

Not really a garuda-centric post but...can anyone install & run any Linux distro on the HP 745 G6 laptop? Mine has the Ryzen 5 processor and integrated "Vega" graphics. I've tried many different ditros. Mint, MX, Garuda, Lite, Manjaro, Ubuntu. Also MATE, xfce, GNOME, Cinnamon, and KDE. Some distros will run OK in a live (USB stick) environment and some won't. The closest I ever got to a functioning install was Ubuntu 20.10.

Groovy Gorilla installed successfully but refuses to run after a reboot. I just get a blank screen. I've tried advanced boot options with mixed results and zero stability. I installed the latest AMD graphics drivers on Ubuntu from a PPA and I thought that fixed it, but then it stopped booting too.

I disabled secure boot and fast boot in BIOS but that didn't help. I think I have found a Windows laptop that simply doesn't support Linux.

Could be, I :crossed_fingers: for you that someone can help here.
If the laptop is a really new one it could be that you must wait a little time that it will work fine.

Did you disabled the fast startup in windows battery settings

No, I did not. Thanks for the suggestion.

It will be very helpful for others if you make an informative contribution about this laptop for an Arch wiki. There's still a lot of laptops left uncovered. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Laptop/HP