Howdy Y'all, I just flew in and are my arms tired!

Joking aside, I joined to see what all the talk is about. As a producer of my own Arch based respin, its fun to check out what others are doing. Anyway, have fun and stay safe. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Garuda.

Put some ice on those arms and drink some electrolytes.


Hi there, welcome to the community.

This one?

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Seems so, but that's not proof, anyone could register here with the nickname and the picture :wink: :slight_smile:





This is indeed my Arch project. :smiley:

My apologies, but your link to your youtube channel was removed.

It had a distinct spammy scent to it.

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Linking to my own channel had a "spammy scent?" Are you serious? SGS questions my identity and in a move to further introduce myself, you think that was spam? You are funny.

The Garuda forum is not your personal youtube promo channel.

You chose what content is on your platform we choose what content is on ours. It's that simple, we decide what is appropriate on our forum.

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Talk about blinders. Did I lead off my intro with links? No. Did I even mention the name of my projects? No. It was only when questioned as to my identity that I gave some links. You display a glaring lack of talent for discerning the obvious. Have fun. :slight_smile:

Well so much for the social pleasantries.

I guess now that we've all been introduced we can say a fond adieu.

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