How was Garuda Linux created?


I have been wondering how Garuda was created, could you share some trivia how the idea came and was realized eventually.
I am very curious how long also it took you to make the first version, what were some of the big challenges you faced?
In distrowatch I read that it's origin is from India and I know some of the core members are from Germany so if you could share some light and trivia about his would be awesome :slight_smile:

Last but not least, thank you for the great work you did, my ship has been anchored at Garuda bay for 2 years now and I'm loving it!


I have some of the history written down from my point of view, also linked is a pretty awesome video explaining more of it :slight_smile:


A video at the end of the linked page is marked private.

Oh boy! I didn't notice that. I wonder why, the video was really well researched and highlighted a lot changes during a certain time :frowning:


I'd love to watch this video!

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The producer put it on private, not us.


Me too.

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