How to use Firefox as default browser?


I already set Firefox in KDE settings under default applications to default. But still - there are always applications which launch a different browser. Github Desktop for example chrome, discord links were append in Firedragon, but likely nothing is append up in Firefox. How can I change it?

Is it enough if I just write the name of the program into the file, or does it have to be smth file like? (like it would be for win a path to a exe file).

Thanks & also Thanks for helping me out the other day with the grub cfg and the second garuda

firefox in the browser line of .profile should make it.

export BROWSER=firefox

ok thanks. For now it seems to work :slight_smile:

But where would I get the name from, if I would change smth other again there? Would it be the same name, as the pacman/aur package?

For example setting default mail client to mailspring (aur)?

I'd check in the desktop file.
Give a look at the Arch wiki here about that:

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