How to use dgpu for some apps

i just install davinci resolve in garuda linux and the app not opening in integrated graphics so i switch the graphic to hybrid but still davinci resolve not opening, Its only opening when i switch graphic to nvidia but i want both integrated and dgpu working same time.

you need to switch to nvidia to boot in optimus manager then it should work

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Its not possible to run both igpu and dpu at same time?

are you using nvidia?
have you got optimus manager enabled?
if so set settings to startup nvidia?

Yeah i set to nvidia and its working but now what about igpu?

IIRC, only one GPU can work at a time.

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Just keep it in hybrid mode and execute any program you want to run with the dgpu with prime-run [program-executable-here]? That's the default on garuda linux, you don't have to mess around with optimus manager.

He already did that and even said that's not what he wants? :thinking:

That's just not true.


It doesn't work on my PC (not Notebook) with intel iGPU and Nvidia GPU.
But you know, nothing works on my PC's :smiley:

I am missing the inxi -Faz by @GREENHACKER


Sorry i miss read

That wouldnt work with the 16xx version lots of problems with it so had to always clean boot into nvidia. Not sure if 17xx version got fixed though.

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I use it every day and haven't had any problems ever on 2 different laptops. I'm also the person who made it (the mhwd config), so take that with a grain of salt :stuck_out_tongue:


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