How to update AUR package

Hello everyone, im new for garuda linux. this distro is the coolest distro i ever use and i decide to throw away my dumb windows 10. but im having problem with update here. now im using visual-studio-code-insider-bin (AUR) and it keep tellin me to update and i dont have any experience to do update. please help me i need advise.

thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @raymond

The message inside vscode can be misleading, I've got the same 'issue'.
Since vscode thinks it got installed like a on Windows / macOS it just tells you 'Hey Update me!'.

Since you installed it via aur you simply have to wait when the maintainer updated their aur package.
This can take a few minutes to a few days. (For the open source people to do their magic :mage: )

Is there a specific feature with the new version you need asap?


We also have code-git in repo, this one got updated yesterday. (as the ending -git suggests already, this one might be unstable. Its the OSS counterpart to the insider version so I thought I might mention it)


@dr460nf1r3 problem with vscode in a non binary version is that some features simply don't work or are bugged af.
Example would be the Addon LIVE SHARE or REMOTE SSH aka. Remote Development I never got these plugin to work with a non binary version.


Interesting, didnt notice that until now. Im quite limited with code addons, just using GitLens & Sweet themes :smiley:
These days I have mostly switched to Kate for all kinds of editing though :slight_smile:


oh great info. actualy no specific feature that i need for now but somehow that number on setting icon keep distracting my eyes when i do code hahaha. thanks anw

oh code-git... yeah i`ve tried that but i cant login to my git or microsoft which mean i cant sync my setting and its really painful hahaha

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