How to transfer mp3 folders from pc to usb

I have downloaded and converted some music files now for the last 3 hours Ive been trying to work out how to transfer them to the USB flash drive . IM confused why is this post a 412 error i have researched it for hours .

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does not contain sufficient information for anyone to help you without them spending a significant amount of time asking you questions to draw out more information. What have you tried? What have you read? Does the USB drive work, and how do you know? Do other USB drives work in this PC? Which DE are you running? etc. etc. etc.

"Help us help you."


What does this mean please and why has it failed .Thanks admin.Is it possible that you can give a reason thanks .

Do you know what a File Manager is? Depending on the Desktop Environment you're using, it could be Dolphin, Nautilus and several others. Use any of them to transfer the files. This is beyond elementary.


Ohhhhhhhhh thanks now i get it .i just have to work out how to use that im using dragonised ok dolphin thanks again

Use dolphin.
Mount the USB memory and just copy them to anywhere you want.

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How would you have done this in Windows? :thinking:


By asking the same question?


Twice actually, as this is the second thread the user created on the same issue.