How to sync music from linux to android phone?

Hello Garuda users.
I have rsync (and the GUI Grsync) on my garuda linux notebook, there is a way to sync my music with my android smartphone? on both I have the same music collection but I want sync the 2 folders and I wasn't able to do it with rsync because even if i set my phone to transfert file (and it is decetced and mounted on Dolphin) rsync doesn't see my phone when I put it as destination path. There is a program that can sync my 2 music folders? Because at the moment if I made some changes (some add and delete mp3) on my pc the only way to have the same music on my android phone is to delete the folder on android and copy on it the folder I have on my pc. A waste of time and a good sync app able to detect my android phone can solve it and sync it in a couple of minutes.

A very simple solution will be to use Syncthing, which is in the community repo and also has a client in F-Droid (I recommend Syncthing-Fork, it's got a few extra features).

No need to run it constantly if you don't need to, just fire it up when you want them in sync and then exit out when the sync completes.

If you want to use rsync, I sometimes use rsync over SSH with my mobile device. Just start SSH in Termux first, and if you are using Dropbear just keep in mind the default port is 8022.


so doesn't exist a program able to sync when wired connected pc & phone?
I don't want a wifi-cloud solution.
Probably I made a text file with all changes I made on the pc folder so I can replicate all on android folder, is the easy way.

Neither SSH or Syncthing use WiFi or WAN, unless you have connected your devices over WiFi or WAN.

Finding a solution easier than Syncthing will be very challenging. Good luck.


Another popular solution that comes to mind is KDE Connect. It makes connecting and file sharing between desktop and mobile systems very simple. You will have to transfer files manually, so not as simple as Syncthing where you just have to open the program and you are done…but another option worthy of consideration nonetheless.


Syncthing is like the best syncing application. I have been using it for years.


Do you know about KDE Connect? It's as an app in the FOSS app repository (| F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository , which keep in mind, has it's own way of upgrading!) and it works well with Garuda (Dragonized) KDE version. You'd need to make at least a dedicated folder on you Android device to share data between the devices. Then you can have this folder on you PC, but not access the whole Android device.

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