How to set dock on gnome desktop‘s environment

The dock of gnome desktop environment is disappearing on default condition,I want to alter it.
However,I don't konw how to set it.I was using garuda-linux-21.09.26

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Anyway, when the Latte Dock disappears, the best thing to do is to open the Garuda Assistant, flag Latte and push the button Reset Selected Configs.
To remove an application from the dock, you can simply rigt click on that one and select Unpin launcher.
To add an application (actually I'm using KDE, I hope the same or an equivalent is valid for Gnome) I normally select it from the application launcher and drag it into the dock area.
Consider that you can also right click on the dock and select Edit Dock... or launch Latte for other settings.


Are you using dash-to-dock, if so you can right-click on it select settings and disable auto-hide there.

No, this is a new installed system. I did not installed dash-to-dock.It's annoying to find dock every time.

I'm using gnome-desktop,there is no latte setting.

maybe you could explain the situation more elaborately, share use a pic of your desktop

I'm new user so I can't upload image. You can visit Garuda Linux | Download.
I'm using gnome edition and the picture on that website is the default condition after installing.
So you can see that the dock is hidden on the bottom.

Sorry, I completely misunderstood your question, my bad!
I guess you mean the favorites dock
Doesn't it appear if you press Meta (Win) button or you click on Activities?
When it appears you should be able to remove by right click, change the position by dragging, etc.
To add you should be able to "Show applications" and then right-click on the interested one to add.
Same from the Search on top.

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I you want the always appear on the desktop, you can install 'dash to dock'

Are you going to help when it breaks?

It is not possible. GNOME 40 has removed any way of having a visible dock.

The closest alternatives are Floating Dock - GNOME Shell Extensions which provides an always-visible dock, and Hot Edge - GNOME Shell Extensions which provides something similar to an auto-hiding dock.

If you run an Xorg session then Dash to Plank - GNOME Shell Extensions might work, but that also relies on additional software (plank) and does not work under a Wayland session.

As a final option, Dash to Panel - GNOME Shell Extensions provides icons for applications, but within the top bar and not as a separate dock.

As others have pointed out, extensions may break with newer versions of GNOME - and this forum cannot provide support for GNOME extensions.


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Thank you very mush!

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