How to restore to old system tray icons before Plasma 6 update

How do I restore the icons used by the system tray widget and the power on/off screens.
On the migration guide for the plasma 6 gradonized guide they say System tray icons are sourced from the current System Icons theme instead of shipping custom ones or defaulting to Breeze’s.

How do i reverse this?
Here’s an image of the old icons (new users cannot upload images)

Here’s what the system tray looks like now.

I am basically trying to do the reverse of this guy: KDE Plasma System Tray Widget Icons don’t match icon theme

It’s a Plasma 6 behavior/feature, therefore it’s not possible.


If I’m understanding you correctly, the best way is to change the plasma style from dragonized to something else

oh ok, I thought there’d be a way to do thi and keep dragonized

You would keep the icons and everything, but the system tray is generally handled by the plasma style, which I think is based off of sweet so maybe select it or one of the variants that are similar to it it will basically it just changes the darkness/lightness of the panel or roundness of the corners an sometimes sys tray depending on the icon set you use.
Though it’s more complicated, you could probably make your own icon pack with just the things you want, but you’d have to look up a guide for that.

You have to change the ICON Style.

And this will change ALL system icons, NOT just the systray. KDE locked this in Plasma 6, the systray from now on should always respect whatever System Icon style you use.


Gotcha, then yeah the only way would be to make an icon pack

Hum, good question, I believe even if you were building one of your own the way you like it, you will still hit some limitations. The systray doesn’t point to specific icons that have a “systray” attribute, they just use whatever the icon is for the app.

If you create a Trash icon that you see in Dolphin and anywhere, well the systray will use it, there is no “systray trash icon”, just a “trash icon”.

That’s how I understood what KDE did.
Of course if you create an icon theme for which you don’t want to use different systray icons than the rest of the theme, then yes totally, that would be the way to go. Which is the same concept as selecting a different Icon Theme.

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It doesn’t pull based on the size? Thats interesting. I haven’t modded a icon pack since like the start of kde 5 so maybe if i get a chance I’ll look into it again

There could be some obscure rules for that, I haven’t seen anything from KDE but I haven’t looked deep in the details either! 50-50

If you find it pulls based on something specific that can segregate system icons from systray icons, that would be a good game changer.

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