How to restore Icons at top of screen (KDE)

I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to get all the icons at the top to now align to the left with no space. How do you restore it so the system tray is on the right, and the time is centered? I see where you right click and select “Enter Edit Mode” but dragging the widgets to the original location isn’t working. Thanks!

Note - This is the “Dr460nized KDE” Version with KDE Plasma 6.0.5

Ich denke du brauchst Abstandshalter.
Gibts keine Anleitung im Internet?
Kein YT Video?
Eigentlich ist alles selbsterklärend :slight_smile:
Auf welcher KDE Version bist du?
Wie immer vermisse ich das garuda-inxi :frowning:

Figured it out. The spaces got nuked, if you add space, then you can place everything back where you had it.

Abstandshalter = Spaces
We always mark here the solution and not the implementation. :slight_smile:

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