How to respin?

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I love Garuda but some of the things are not useful to me; I prefer bash over zsh, I don't want/use conky or latte dock. Can someone tell me an easy way to respin Garuda to remove the packages and settings I don't need and include the ones I do?

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Hey :grin:
What you are looking for is the garuda-tools. A basic how-to is available in the README of the repo. (need to install garuda-tools-iso-git)
You need to download iso-profiles as well, using these its easy to build own isos :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply. I've never tried this before so how do I change zsh for bash? I can't see any entries in there

sudo chsh --shell=/bin/bash $USER

duckduckgo is your friend.


You need to modify the garuda iso-profiles (copy the KDE one for example) which you downloaded to ~/iso-profiles, looking for profile.conf. Its possible to set the shell and a lot of other things there.

That requires you to build your own iso however, which is what I thought you wanted to do.
If you just want to change the shell and remove packages its easier to just change it via command line.

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Thanks that's what I meant, I just didn't know where certain settings were stored. I will have to have a good look around. Is there a way to install a local package? I have built a cursor package in .pkg.tar.zst format as the aur version doesn't work (seems to have been abandoned a long time ago). Is there a way to build that into the iso or would I have to pacman -U it?

I meant inside the iso

You can put custom files into desktop-overlay in the iso profiles :wink:

Only online repo are supported

You can add your repo in user-repos.conf

You can not put local packages inside iso

However you can add files into it via desktop overlay as stated by @dr460nf1r3

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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