How to reset my desktop?

First time linux user here, I tried kde dragonized and was messing around with settings... added a few panels top bottom left and right, changed bottom dock and somehow removed the application menu(start menu?) and well coming straight from windows and being unfamiliar with Linux UI, I am stuck with an ugly looking desktop

how do i remove the sidepanels and get the orignal bottom dock and application menu or is there any way to directly reset my desktop? can't even open setting app since i have no dock and application menu... i am just stuck with a home screen

any help is appreciated, thanks

Hi there, welcome!
Use alt+space or alt+F12 to open "krunner".
Then enter Garuda Assistant.
There, you'll find a button to rest all settings to default (of just select latte, it could be enough).
Finally, right-click on desktop to logoff.


Use forum search too.


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