How to reset Garuda Linux theme

I am a new Linux user, I just install Dragonized Gaming Edition version.

I make a mistake that l lost the orginal theme which has a dragon on the top.

I don't know how to reset it.

I don't know exactly what you've touched, but I think you could first try resetting the configuration from Garuda Assistant (there is a button on the buttom for that.
If not working, imo you could rollback to a previous status recovering a snapshot (from the grub at first, and then confirming the restore in timeshift: make sure to use the same snapshots!)


The first picture doesn't have top panel, the second one have panel.

How can I show it that again?

There are 2 methods

  1. Just click on restore defaults from setup assistant.
  2. Restore them from etc/skel/.config

Can I use command line to doing that?

Yes, copy etc/skel/.config to .config folder in your home directory using rm -r and then cp.


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