How to remove garuda-wallpaper package?

Hi guys, I want to remove garuda-wallpaper package (sorry, wallpapers are really good, but I just prefer another style for my desktop).

When I try to remove it from the package manager, I have the following error

If you don't want the Garuda settings package then remove that one too - but also keep in mind that you won't get any updates to theming etc.

The alternative is just to set a different wallpaper.


Yeah, that's a problem - I want garuda-common-settings to stay

So, if you really want to remove the package - rather than just setting a different wallpaper - then you can force pacman to ignore the dependency with pacman -Rdd garuda-wallpaper . I don't recommend breaking dependencies like this, but for wallpaper it probably doesn't matter.

Also just to note from your OP, pasting text output as text is generally a better option.


Right, images is not the best solution for reports, will keep it in mind

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usr/share/wallpaper/garuda-wallpapers just delete the ones in the folder you don't want.


I agree.

Then hold the garuda-wallpaper package so that it is never updated in the future.

That would seem preferable to removing it entirely IMO as it is a dependency of garuda-common-settings.


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