How to remove application menu bar

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I have done Right click on desktop goto add panel and click on Application menu bar.
And it turn my fully transparent panel into semi transparent panel.
Then I want to remove what I added. So please help me how to remove application menu bar

Assuming you are using kde, you should be able to remove panels in "panel settings" after right clicking on the panel in question.

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I am not added a panel I have added application menu bar

In KDE there are names for things which you might be confused about.

  • Add Panel means 'Add a Panel'.
    Then further options are to make that panel a Default, or an Application Menu. If you select the 'Application Menu' option then you get a Panel and it has an Application Menu.

Let me know if this gets too complicated for you.

If you right click on your 'Application Menu' bar, then you get a 'context menu'.

The Poor Pilot answered your question correctly.

In addition to his answer, you should investigate PlasmaConfigSaver.

Then if you add, or edit something, and you don't like the result then you can click and load up your 'Default-Garuda'.

You could also try something new and type the word 'New' and click the 'save' button in case you can't figure out how to go back.

Be sure to FREQUENTLY update by saving your PlasmaConfigs any time you tweak anything, because restoring it will overwrite your plasma config (e.g. If you set a GRUV color scheme, and edit your EventCalendar clock to have an orange text, then restore Default, you lose your Event Calendar settings - they're included - it isn't just the theme and layout).

In my case application menu bar and default panel are overlapping so it looks semi transparent .
So due to overlapping I always able to edit my default panel only and application menu bar is behind the default panel.
So what I did is ,
I displace my default panel from up to left
And then I am able to remove my application menu bar and I put my default panel to its right place.
And now my panel look fully transparent

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