How to remove all theming

Hi guys

I have a question about the theming/artwork on Plasma. I like Garuda and the theming is nice but it just isn't my cup of tea. Is there a way to remove all the theme/customisations such as Plank and switch the window buttons etc back to the Plasma default easily?

Thanks in advance

Just use barebones.

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Will that keep all of the gaming tweaks though?

Which tweaks?
Setup Assistant and stuff : Yes
Timeshift and plymouth: Yes
Kernel : No, but it hardly takes 15 minutes to change. You can have it of your preference.

But you have to see yourself. I guess it is worth try.

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I was thinking more anaicy, swappiness etc

Swapiness and Zstd: Yes
Ananicy : No

Anything else?

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I basically would like to keep the gaming edition as it is, all the tweaks etc and just remove the theming to have vanilla Plasma

Just remove things you don't like from .config folder.

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I tried that but the window buttons were still wrong and some of the application themes were all screwed up

could I install the barebones version and run the 'upgrade to gaming' script without it installing all the themes, etc?

Yes, I think you can.

But it hardly take 2 commands to enable ananicy

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Great, I'll give that a go. Thanks for your help :+1:

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