How to make KDE dragonized less Mac like?

I want to make Garuda more like Windows 10, so things like getting rid of Latte Dock, getting the default KDE taskbar back and removing the top bar. I've tried searching on how to do it but can't seem to find anything


Remove Latte

Add default panel:

Sorry for the different language. Its placed at the same spots for you. Basicially right click Latte, edit Latte and the remove it on the bottom. The right click your desktop and choose "Create new panel"


I,m not going to tell you how to search as you have already done so!
but you can make kde latte dock look and feel how ever you want?


Perhaps you could explain to me what Windows 10 looks like, as I have no idea what Windows looks like these days. Do they still use that stupid tablet/smartphone style Metro desktop they introduced in Windows 8?


Windows 8 is pretty much universally recognized as a dumpster fire and I think even Microsoft themselves try to forget it ever happened.

It was so bad they released Windows 8.1 and tried to pass it off as a separate release, but really they were just trying to backpedal as hard as they could because people were so pissed off about the start menu being taken away.

Stock Windows 10 has the "familiar" taskbar on the bottom/menu button on the left layout like Gnome 2, Cinnamon, or stock KDE.


OK, but what does Gnome look like. I've been using KDE for like 20 years or so. :upside_down_face:

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Now, you mean? It looks like...well...Windows 8! :rofl:

Well then, I think I need a drink, my head is starting to hurt. :beer:


Install Windows 8 I bloody dare you :rofl:

I think I did once, (way back). It didn't last long before it was wiped. :smile:


Don't blame ya. Windows 10 and 11 ain't terrible if you forget about the requirements, bugs, ADs in file explorer and other dumb shit. But Garuda is my preference lol

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Are you serious?

Can you block those using the hosts file?

Wow, I see I haven't missed much since Windows 7.

Take a look at this lol. And I don't know if you can block them as I haven't received them but that may work. Anyway this is OT so might be best to move this to the OT thread I guess. Up to you though Mr Garuda team haha.

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Ya well, I kind of think a thread about making Garuda look like Windows 10 is a bit OT on a Linux forum. BESIDES, there's plenty of documentation out there already on how to customize KDE.


It could be a nice addition to have more default themes other than KDE drag*nyte

Windows 7 experience would be nice

Also the current theme Light instead of Dark; I had to do quite a bit of tweaking to get that. Dark works fine on TV screen; but on the laptop screen, I found Light theme to be more readable.

Sure we can customize Latte as we want (no cream, no sugar please), but it often can take quite a bit of tweaking so that the elements work in harmony.

Sounds like what you really want is barebones. :man_shrugging:


I understand your viewpoint, but if you'd read/searched the forum for similar past threads regarding theming you should know the team has no intention at this time to implement theming changes on the Dragonized edition.

We deliver a very opinionated desktop in the Dragonized edition. For those that don't like Garuda's choices with regards to desktop configuration and theming we provide the barebones editions. The barebones editions are a blank canvas that you are free to design your dream desktop from the ground up.

That is basically the Devs feeling with regards to their Garuda design decisions. They design Garuda in keeping with their tastes, and add whatever new developmental features that scratches their itch.

If that is not in keeping with your tastes, then you are always free to use another Garuda desktop, or alter the defaults however you please. There would be no end to the expectations for changes if each users favorite theme or color scheme is expected to be implemented.

Whatever distro you choose, you get that distros developers design philosophy as the default. That is just the way Linux has always worked. If you do not like the Devs choices you always have the freedom to change. However, do not expect the Devs to change each desktop to suit every individual users desires because that is unlikely to happen on any Linux distro.


A year ago I wiped win10 off my mom's laptop & installed mint-cinnamon. win10 default seemed horrid. She is happy.

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Mint is always the flavour of choice for Ma's and grandma's. :wink: